2. Dec 2017

Flustix certifies plastic-free products


“FLUSTIX is a seal which certifies plastic-free products. Only if both packaging and product are tested free of plastic will our independent license-partner award the FLUSTIX seal.


Our Goal
We want to reduce plastic waste and encourage industries to replace plastic with alternatives. By marking plastic-free products with the FLUSTIX seal, every customer can make a conscious and sustainable buying-decision. […]


When a manufacturer wants to be certified by FLUSTIX, its produce undergoes a strict testing process. Products, meaning content and packaging, are being tested for plastic contamination by FLUSTIX. In a second step, the product is sent to the independent, unbiased laboratory Wessling GmbH which tests the product for its exact plastic content.


Every product on the German, Austrian and Swiss markets can be tested.”
Quelle: flustix.com


→ flustix.com

16. Nov 2017

Merry Minion Christmas

© Vivien Br

Ob wir es wollen oder nicht: Bald ist schon wieder Adventskalender-Zeit!


Für diejenigen unter euch, die Kinder haben (oder noch Kinder sind 😉 ) und daher nicht um Ü-Eier drumherum kommen, hier ein paar Minion-Adventskalender-Tutorials. So könnt ihr zumindest die gelben Plastik-Hüllsen noch weiterverwenden.


Verschiedene YouTube-Tutorials

→ von Vivien Br mit Maxi-Kinder-Überraschung
→ von Evas Backparty
→ von DIY Inspiration – kreative Ideen zum Selbermachen
→ von Gamze & more

14. Nov 2017

Paper Flooring?

Very cool idea: Selfmade flooring.


It would have been even cooler if they had actually used old paper bags (or something like that – old newspaper..?) instead of buying new paper. None the less: I do like the idea itself! 🙂


→ domesticimperfection.com



5. Nov 2017

HTV Life – A seal for sustainability

HTV Life – A seal for sustainability


Unfortunately, it is increasingly the case that manufacturers produce their goods for a short intended lifetime. These are preferably supposed to fail shortly after guarantee period in order to sell a new product to the customer as quickly as possible. Thereby, a huge sales increase is possibly assumed.


This is made possible by the installation of „planned life limiting predetermined breaking points“ such as under-dimensioned capacitors or capacitors deliberately placed beside heat sources, weak resistors or non-exchangeable, in other words, permanently installed accumulators which for example are already defective after only 500 charging cycles (i. e. approximately after 2 years). Electronic counters are also applied, which in case of a certain number of working steps, for example, in case of printed pages of printers, then sets the device to error status or leads to a malfunction. […]


Based on this planned „suicide“ (planned obsolescence) of products citizens should be persuaded to constantly purchase something new even after a short period of time! […]


Due to irresponsible and greedy behaviour of some producers more and more electronic waste and hazardous waste accrues, while our valuable raw materials are plundered!
This is economically and ecologically fatal and a disaster for our environment.


Products to be analysed are meticulously examined by HTV and tested with regard to possible „planned life limiting predetermined breaking points“.
Source: htv-life.com


→ htv-life.com

31. Oct 2017

Floating Trash – An Official Country?

Floating Trash – An Official Country?

© change.org


As you read this, obscene amounts of plastic are making their way into the oceans – in total eight million tonnes a year or a rubbish truck full of plastic every minute. There is now so much of it, an area the size of France has formed in the Pacific Ocean.


With no one paying attention to this catastrophe LADbible, alongside the Plastic Oceans Foundation, is taking this country sized trash patch and turning it into the world’s 196th country – named the Trash Isles.


We have submitted a Declaration of Independence to the United Nations, but need your help. To be specific we need you to ‘become a citizen’, to pressure the United Nations into approving our application and recognising the Trash Isles. If we become a country and a member of the UN, we are protected by the UN’s Environmental Charters. […]


So, come on fellow Trash Isles countrymen let’s put down the plastic, get off our arses and pull together to ensure the world’s first country made of Trash, is its last. […]


So join Sarah & Tim to become a Trash Isles citizen and make the pledge to cut down the amount of plastic you consume (from using a refillable bottle for water to bringing own own carrier bags when we go shopping) and to make as much noise as necessary until people start to listen; to our bosses at work, to our local politicians, to our world governments.“

Quelle: change.org


→ to the petition

29. Oct 2017

ReTuna – Recycling Shopping Center

ReTuna – Recycling Shopping Center

© retuna.se

Last Thursday the new Loom Shopping Center has opened in Bielefeld with such a controversial anchor-shop like Primark. In a video showing the opening of the Center masses of people push themselves into the building to be the first and to still their hunger for a lot of cheap deals. Just for that brief moment of fake happiness.
Is this the meaning of life? How can one be so eager to buy something first? Why does it have to be the newest, the cheapest and the hippest?


ReTuna shows that more sustainable Shopping Malls are possible.


ReTuna oppened 2015 in Sweden and is a shopping centre dedicated entirely to repaired and up-cycled goods.
It also organizes events, workshops, lectures, theme days, and more – all with a focus on sustainability.

→ retuna.se
→ weforum.org

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