2. Aug 2017

ReThink – NOW!


Today is “Earth Overshoot Day”!


That means that we already have used up all of this years resources and are from this day forward stealing from future generations!
Earth simply can’t regenerate itself fast enough.


Just 50 years ago we managed with less than the available resources. Now Earth Overshoot Day arrives earlier every year, because our wonderfully designed economic system is based on infinite growth while it has not realized that the earth is finite….
In 2017 “Earth Overshoot Day” comes 6 days earlier than last year…


It’s time to ReThink!


Make yourself aware what you buy, what you throw away, where you drive or where you fly and try to minimize your ecological footprint!


→ overshootday.org

15. Jul 2017

Going abroad, going green

[…] The fact that the policy of charging for plastic bags has made me rethink my actions is an indicator of how powerful an approach it is. […]


Read the whole Blog-Entry from a cambodian reporter who came to Berlin and learned to ReThink:
→ dw.com

13. Jul 2017

Holiday Time = Postcard Time

Holiday Time = Postcard Time

© Manuela Ewers

You still have old postcards lying around from long gone holidays? Don’t throw them away!
Everyone enjoys getting postcards! And even if you don’t go away on holiday, this is no reason not to write postcards! 😉

10. Jul 2017

No flat tires anymore

Flat bike tires are annoying and cause a lot of waste.
So what would you say, if there were tires that are unflatable, because they don’t have to be filled with air?!


→ more info (kickstarter.com – November 2016)




Here you can now buy these unflatable tires:



For all of you who want to upcycle your already flat tires:
→ here are some ideas

4. Jun 2017

A Life Stripped Bare

You want to live more ethical? Read this book:

“A Life Stripped Bare – Tiptoeing Through The Ethical Minefield”
by Leo Hickman (2006)



Is fair trade coffee better than organic? Can you really clean a loo with vinegar and lemon juice? Such were the dilemmas facing Leo Hickman and his wife, Jane, a new mum, when he was asked by the Guardian to lead a more ethical life for a few months. A Life Stripped Bare is not a preachy guide but the diary of a struggle – through the myriad uses of bicarbonate of soda; instructions for assembling a wormery; the visit from three ethical auditors who snoop in all their cupboards: ‘A true eco-house might have no fridge, just a larder, and a water-containing pottery vessel as a cooler,’ offers one. (‘Jane’s eyes roll’, notes Hickman.)
Source: theguardian.com


Buy the book

→ buch7.de
→ ecobookstore.de

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