3. Jan 2017

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Because my language-plugin was out of date and not supported anymore, I had to switch to a newer one. This lead to some chaos in the content, in consequence not all english content is displayed on the english site.
If you are looking for something specific, but can't find it on the english website: please go to the german website (click on the german flag in the top right corner) and type your keywords into the german search. You may find what you're looking for there.

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23. Apr 2017

What’s chewing gum made of?

Ever wondered what you are chewing on?


Gum is made from plastic. […] After World War II, chemists learned to make synthetic rubber, which came to replace most natural rubber in chewing gum (e.g., polyethylene and polyvinyl acetate). […]
Where does (plastic) chewing gum go after it’s ABC (already been chewed)? Is it flushed down toilets? Washed down storm drains? Hmm… just one more source of non-biodegradable plastic in our oceans?

Source: myplasticfreelife.com

9. Apr 2017



© kaffeeform.com

Kaffeeform makes cups from coffee grounds which they collect from local restaurants. A workshop for people with disabilities is responsible for the shipping logistics.

→ kaffeeform.com

13. Mar 2017

Before The Flood


Director:   Fisher Stevens
  Year:   2016
Website:   nationalgeographic.com


In this documentary Leonardo DiCaprio travels the world speaking to scientists and world leaders about the dramatic effects of climate change.

6. Mar 2017

The pick of destiny!

The pick of destiny!

© Marco

With a punching tool you can easily make your own picks from old check cards..
Thanks, Marco, for providing these photos! 🙂

1. Mar 2017

Mumbai Beach

The ocean washes a lot of garbage onto the beaches of Mumbai. For the most part it’s plastic.
One day Afroz Shah had enough and started cleaning up the beach. With time more and more people started to help him…


See for yourself and try to avoid producing garbage as often as possible.


15. Feb 2017

India’s capital bans disposable plastics

India’s capital bans disposable plastics

© independent.co.uk

Since the 1st of January 2017 all disposable plastic products are banned in Delhi in order to reduce the plastic pollution in the city.
Naturally not everyone is happy about that, because on the one hand the change came to sudden and on the other some vendors are concerned about losing business.


Read the whole article:
→ treehugger.com

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