Fr13SepGanztägigFr27Faire WocheEvent Typ:Aktion

Fr20SepGanztägigFFF - Weltweiter StreikEvent Typ:Demonstration

Fr27Sep19:00Critical Mass BielefeldEvent Typ:Demonstration

So29SepGanztägigOhne Auto mobilEvent Typ:Aktion

So29Sep11:0013:00EseltrekkingEvent Typ:Führung

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22. Jun 2019
by manu


“HOME”, french documentary, 2009

“I know that a single human can knock down every wall.
It’s too late to be a pessimist.”

quote from the documentary
15. Feb 2019
by manu

Repair Café

Repair Café Map of the world

What to do with a broken chair or a toaster that throws sparks? What to do with a pullover with wholes in it? Toss it? No Way!

You go to the Repair Café! 🙂

There you can repair stuff yourself with professional help at your side while you sip a coffee and chat with nice people!

Take a look at it:
→ repaircafe.org