29. Jul 2021

Earth Overshoot

Earth Overshoot
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YouTube-Video "What is Ecological Overshoot? (Updated 2014)" by Global Footprint Network

Today is “Earth Overshoot Day”!

That means that we already have used up all of this years resources and are from this day forward stealing from future generations!
Earth simply can’t regenerate itself fast enough.

Just 50 years ago we managed with less than the available resources. Now Earth Overshoot Day arrives earlier every year, because our wonderfully designed economic system is based on infinite growth while it has not realized that the earth is finite….

→ overshootday.org

It’s time to ReThink!

Make yourself aware what you buy, what you throw away, where you drive or where you fly and try to minimize your ecological footprint – even as an individual you can have a huge impact on reducing the use of ressources!

First published: 13.08.2015