11. Feb 2018
by manu

Plastic in tea bags

© Manuela Ewers

More and more tea bags are partially or fully made of plastic. This is not only a health risc, but an environmental issue.
To be 100% sure that your not drinking plastic with your tea you should switch to loose tea.

→ theguardian.com
→ treadingmyownpath.com

28. Jan 2018
by manu


A new trend in Sweden is the so-called “Plogging”.
What this is? While jogging you pick up trash on the way! 🙂

2. Dec 2017
by manu

Flustix certifies plastic-free products


“FLUSTIX is a seal which certifies plastic-free products. Only if both packaging and product are tested free of plastic will our independent license-partner award the FLUSTIX seal.


Our Goal
We want to reduce plastic waste and encourage industries to replace plastic with alternatives. By marking plastic-free products with the FLUSTIX seal, every customer can make a conscious and sustainable buying-decision. […]


When a manufacturer wants to be certified by FLUSTIX, its produce undergoes a strict testing process. Products, meaning content and packaging, are being tested for plastic contamination by FLUSTIX. In a second step, the product is sent to the independent, unbiased laboratory Wessling GmbH which tests the product for its exact plastic content.


Every product on the German, Austrian and Swiss markets can be tested.”
Quelle: flustix.com


→ flustix.com

16. Nov 2017
by manu

Merry Minion Christmas

© Vivien Br

Ob wir es wollen oder nicht: Bald ist schon wieder Adventskalender-Zeit!

Für diejenigen unter euch, die Kinder haben (oder noch Kinder sind 😉 ) und daher nicht um Ü-Eier drumherum kommen, hier ein paar Minion-Adventskalender-Tutorials. So könnt ihr zumindest die gelben Plastik-Hüllsen noch weiterverwenden.

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