23. Apr 2020

Camera strap made from old shoulder bag

Kamera-Gurt aus alter Umhängetasche © rethink-recycle.net

Some time ago I sorted out an old shoulder bag, whose leatherette has already come off in several places. Since not all parts of the bag were unusable, I cut off zippers, buttons, inner fabric and straps and stored them for possible future sewing projects.

Now I have used the strap of the bag and the recently woven kumihimo ribbons to make a new camera strap.

I think I’ve done well.. 🙂

28. Mar 2020

Easter baskets made from paper pulp

Pappmache Osternest mit Stroh © rethink-recycle.net

In two weeks it’s already easter again!

And it’s this easy to create little easter baskets from old egg-boxes:

  1. Tear the egg containers apart and let them soak in water over night.
  2. On the next day shred the material further with a hand blender.
  3. Squeeze the unnecessary water out.
  4. Shape the paper pulp to your wishes (i.e. press it in a small bowl).
  5. Finally let it dry for at least 24 hours.
  6. Decorate 🙂
17. Nov 2019


Recycling-Tee © smarticular.net

…made from apple, orange or pear peel?!

The cold season has arrived. What could be better than to sit in your favourite armchair and sip a cup of hot tea? 🙂
But you acutally don’t have to buy tea.

You can easily make your tea infusion with the peel of fruits like orange, apple or pear.
You should make sure to use organic fruit.
→ Other tea ideas at smarticular.net
→ More recycling ideas for oranges on the ReThink-Blog

5. Oct 2019

The European Week For Waste Reduction

Europäische Woche der Abfallvermeidung © wochederabfallvermeidung.de

From 16th to 24th of November 2019 The European Week For Waste Reduction takes place again!

Thousands of actions are organized all around Europe.
The thematic focus in 2019 is:
Waste education and communication: Change your ways, Reduce your waste!

Till the 3th of November you have the opportunity to register an action.
→ ewwr.eu (english)

First published: 21. November 2015

29. Jul 2019

ReThink – NOW!

Today is “Earth Overshoot Day”!

That means that we already have used up all of this years resources and are from this day forward stealing from future generations!
Earth simply can’t regenerate itself fast enough.

Just 50 years ago we managed with less than the available resources. Now Earth Overshoot Day arrives earlier every year, because our wonderfully designed economic system is based on infinite growth while it has not realized that the earth is finite….
In 2019 “Earth Overshoot Day” comes 3 days earlier than last year…

It’s time to ReThink!

Make yourself aware what you buy, what you throw away, where you drive or where you fly and try to minimize your ecological footprint!

→ overshootday.org