29. Aug 2018
by manu

Plastic China

Part of the documentary “Plastic China” from 2016.

ReThink, people!

The complete documentary is availlable via Vimeo On Demand.

First published: January 6th, 2017
21. May 2018
by manu

The Blue Planet – Documentary

A wonderful documentary series moderated by David Attenborough.

In recent years, our knowledge of life beneath the waves has been transformed. Using cutting-edge technology, One Ocean takes us on a journey from the intense heat of the tropics to our planet’s frozen poles to reveal new worlds and extraordinary never-before-seen animal behaviours.
Source: ihavenotv.com

Enjoy it while it’s online:
→ ihavenotv.com

4. Sep 2017
by manu



“Blue is a powerful film about our oceans. It charts the challenges we face and the opportunities for positive change. Filmed in Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, the South Pacific and the United States, this stunning cinematic documentary comes at a time when we are making critical decisions that will decide the legacy we leave for generations to come.”
Source: Vimeo


→ bluethefilm.org

2. Aug 2017
by manu

ReThink – NOW!

Today is “Earth Overshoot Day”!

That means that we already have used up all of this years resources and are from this day forward stealing from future generations!
Earth simply can’t regenerate itself fast enough.

Just 50 years ago we managed with less than the available resources. Now Earth Overshoot Day arrives earlier every year, because our wonderfully designed economic system is based on infinite growth while it has not realized that the earth is finite….
In 2017 “Earth Overshoot Day” comes 6 days earlier than last year…

It’s time to ReThink!

Make yourself aware what you buy, what you throw away, where you drive or where you fly and try to minimize your ecological footprint!

→ overshootday.org

13. Mar 2017
by manu

Before The Flood


Director:  Fisher Stevens
  Year:  2016
Website:  nationalgeographic.com


In this documentary Leonardo DiCaprio travels the world speaking to scientists and world leaders about the dramatic effects of climate change.

1. Mar 2017
by manu

Mumbai Beach

The ocean washes a lot of garbage onto the beaches of Mumbai. For the most part it’s plastic.
One day Afroz Shah had enough and started cleaning up the beach. With time more and more people started to help him…


See for yourself and try to avoid producing garbage as often as possible.