13. Oct 2016

Do you remember Phonebloks

Phonebloks is the idea to build smartphones in a modular way so that broken parts can be replaced or updated more easily and increase the lifespan of a phone or technical device.



Here are 2 modular smartphones that are available right now:


Fairphone 2

The Fairphone 2 is the first modular phone on the market. Designed for repairability, spare parts are available in our shop to battle anything life throws at it.


New orders will be shipped in March

→ Fairphone2 (fairphone.com)



It’s the long­-lasting smartphone with three easy-to-change modules. (Like a puzzle. Except this is a phone.) Buying a new phone every time you drop it is now history. PuzzlePhone is reliable, upgradeable – ­even repairable!


New orders will be shipped in September

→ Puzzlephone (puzzlephone.com)



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