28. May 2012

Organize Your Earrings

Ohrdnung ist das halbe Leben...

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You can easily turn your old plastic folders into an organizing system for your earrings!

Therefore you will need:

  • an old plastic folder (it should be a folder made of thicker plastic)
  • a nice box in which you want to keep your earrings


And this is how to do it:

  1. measure your box and cut the folder into rectangles which will fit into your box
  2. poke holes into these plastic rectangles (caution: the holes don’t have to have the same distance… see picture)
  3. put earrings through the holes and organize them in your box

Voíla! 🙂


By the way…

For closed earrings it won’t be enough to poke just one hole. Here’s how I solved the problem:


Organize Your Earrings