17. Aug 2018
by manu

Wake up!

Stop the crazyness of throwing away everything!

You don’t always need everything what advertising tells you to buy! Don’t buy things because you want them, buy them only because you really need them and decrease your trash!

There are better ways to be happy than through the consumption of things you don’t even need… 😉

Utopia shows 15 way to decrease your trash (in german)!

First published: November 21st, 2013
23. Feb 2016
by manu


Did you know that you can brew a very healthy tea from an avocado stone?

  1. first: remove the very thin peel,
  2. then just grate the stone into small rasp,
  3. roast it in a pan (to better store the avocado rasp afterwards)
  4. and finally brew 1 tablespoon of the rasp for about 10 minutes! 🙂


(by the way: it is normal that the color of the rasp changes to orange 😉 )




More information (german websites)

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