20. May 2018
by manu

A 3D-printer made of e-waste

Ein 3D-Drucker aus Elektroschrott © inhabitat.com

A westafrican inventor has built a 3D-printer out of electronic waste!

The waste problem in Africa is known. Almost everyone has seen pictures of enormous piles of trash with children playing on them and adults on the lookout for some higher value materials to finance their life…

As did Kodjo Afate Gnikou from West-Africa. He built a 3D-printer out of electronic waste, which you can buy for $100.

→ inhabitat.com
→ ulule.com

First published: October 13th, 2013
29. Oct 2017
by manu

ReTuna – Recycling Shopping Center

ReTuna - Recycling Shopping Center

© retuna.se

Last Thursday the new Loom Shopping Center has opened in Bielefeld with such a controversial anchor-shop like Primark. In a video showing the opening of the Center masses of people push themselves into the building to be the first and to still their hunger for a lot of cheap deals. Just for that brief moment of fake happiness.
Is this the meaning of life? How can one be so eager to buy something first? Why does it have to be the newest, the cheapest and the hippest?


ReTuna shows that more sustainable Shopping Malls are possible.


ReTuna oppened 2015 in Sweden and is a shopping centre dedicated entirely to repaired and up-cycled goods.
It also organizes events, workshops, lectures, theme days, and more – all with a focus on sustainability.

→ retuna.se
→ weforum.org