23. Apr 2020

Camera strap made from old shoulder bag

Kamera-Gurt aus alter Umhängetasche © rethink-recycle.net

Some time ago I sorted out an old shoulder bag, whose leatherette has already come off in several places. Since not all parts of the bag were unusable, I cut off zippers, buttons, inner fabric and straps and stored them for possible future sewing projects.

Now I have used the strap of the bag and the recently woven kumihimo ribbons to make a new camera strap.

I think I’ve done well.. 🙂

18. Mar 2018

Instead of Plastic Wrap

Statt Frischhaltefolie © rethink-recycle.net

If you iron over a square of cotton with bees wax, than you get the environmentally friendly version of plastic wrap which you can reuse as you like! 🙂

On YouTube there are a lot of tutorials which also show different methods (iron // oven):
→ YouTube-Tutorial (iron)

Vegan alternative

Alternative to bees wax you can use carnauba wax which is not made of animal products.
There’s a tutorial here (german):
→ schwatzkatz.com

Lazy alternative

If you don’t have enough time or patience to create this wonderful plastic-free wrapping on your own, then you’re in luck:
→ Abeego
→ Bee’s Wrap