Film-Tipp: “Chloe rettet die Welt”

Film-Tipp: "Chloe rettet die Welt"

Vor 7 Jahren habe ich diesen Film-Tipp das erste Mal gepostet… Und ich finde ihn immer noch toll, auch wenn RottenTomato-Kritiker ihn offenbar verschmĂ€hen.

Der Film war einfach seiner Zeit voraus…
Schaut ihn euch an! 😊

Theo: “I was sent here to deliver a message from the inuit people. But the message I should be delivering is to my own people.”
Woman: “What is the message?”
Theo: “We are too late. Your leaders don’t have the power to change anything. Your television sets have the real power. They compell you to buy things that you do not need and envy things that are worthless. They tell you to drive cars that can not even move because everyone else is driving one. In cities where there’s no clean air. They mock the way you look and affect your happiness. What can your leaders do about your nature when it is so corrupted that when you live each day it’s based on consuming, devouring and wasting? Never happy until nothing is left.”

“Chloe & Theo”, 2015

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