3. Sep 2018
by manu

The Pain You Feel is Capitalism Dying

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There is no such thing as an economy that exists without the physical world. The delusional idea that markets are separate from nature has guided mainstream economic policy for a long time — and now we are seeing the consequences in mass extinctions, loss of topsoils, climate change, collapse of fish stocks in the world ocean, rising levels of pollution, and more.
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First published: 11. Juli 2016
10. Mai 2016
by manu

Das KapitalismustribunalThe Capitalism Tribunal



Ist Kapitalismus ein Verbrechen?


Das Versprechen des Kapitalismus‘ lautete: »Allen wird es besser gehen!« Inzwischen gehen immer mehr Menschen davon aus, dass diese Annahme falsch ist. Sie beobachten zunehmend Unfreiheit, Ungleichheit und sehen den sozialen Frieden unmittelbar durch den Kapitalismus bedroht. Zugleich zeigt sich ihnen das ökologische Desaster durch die Verbrennung der Grundlagen irdischen Lebens.


Im Kapitalismustribunal wird die Frage der Schuld des Kapitalismus’ und seiner Protagonisten fair verhandelt.
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Das Tribunal ist in vollem Gange. Schaut z.B. heute ab 12h in den Live Stream…
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Is capitalism a crime?


The promise of Capitalism was to make life better for everybody. Yet a growing number of people are questioning what it actually achieves today. They see an increasingly lack of freedom, rising inequality and growing dysfunction, with social harmony increasingly threatened and undermined by the frenetic pace of economic activity. At the same time the threat of ecological disaster looms, for many species as well as our own.


In The Capitalism Tribunal we will give Capitalism a fair trial. It starts with the collection of charges on the internet.
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You can follow the tribunal this week per livestream:
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