9. Apr 2018
by manu

Precious Plastic

Dave Hakkens and his team make it possible for people to create new stuff from plastic waste!

One of the core goals of Precious Plastic is to offer people in developing countries ways to work with plastic waste as this resource is so freaking ubiquitous in their environments. We do this on a daily basis with our knowledge, technologies and platforms but sometimes we want to go a step further and give our full expertise and support by going in areas and set up plastic recycling workspaces- we call these projects Precious Plastic Pilot.
Quelle: davehakkens.nl

→ davehakkens.nl
→ preciousplastic.com
→ Precious Plastic at Work

7. Jul 2016
by manu

Landfill Harmonic

Landfill Harmonic- The world sends us garbage… We send back music.


In Paraguay stellt eine Gruppe von Menschen Instrumente aus Schrott her. Sie leben in der Nähe einer trostlosen Müll-Deponie und haben durch die Instrumente und das „Recycled Orchestra“ neue Hoffnung gefunden..


→ landfillharmonicmovie.com
→ Musik-Video mit Lindsay Stirling