16. Apr 2013

Wellblech.. äh… Wellflaschendach

Wellblech.. äh... Wellflaschendach

Einfach nachzubauen..


Wellblech.. äh... Wellflaschendach


Recycled Bottle Roofing!

1. Simply cut multiple 2-liter bottles in the manner shown – removing the top and bottom so you are only left with the cylindrical center pieces.
2. Make two cuts, one opposite the other, running the length of the cylinders.
3. Now make rows, placing half of the body halves facing upward and half of them facing downward.
4. The bottle halves that curve upward, allowing water to run off, must be overlapping the pieces that curve downward or that catch and channel the water.
5. Staple, rivet and/or epoxy the pieces together, making sure they are a secure fit and that all holes created are sealed with an epoxy or similar waterproofing substance.
6. Once you have your wave-like rows created or those that run right to left (horizontal), lay one slightly overlapping the other so that water will run off and across them as it proceeds down the slope. Whichever one is higher on the sloping roof than the other must naturally overlap the one below itself for this to occur.
7. Secure each row to the roof frame, waterproofing/sealing the wood or sheetmetal screws around the base as they are inserted and/or over the top of such after securing them. A brad gun can also be used, just be certain the staples run deep enough to secure the roofing against wind.

Naturally this is not recommended for areas with high wind or heavy snowfall.



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